Classes / Timetables

Pupils are divided into different classes/grades, according to age and ability. The grades are based on a set syllabus, consisting of specific exercises, sequences and dance routines. In order to complete a grade, students must learn the whole syllabus.

When students can perform their syllabus to a satisfactory standard, they will be given the opportunity to perform their work in a formal presentation, where they will be presented with a certificate, allowing them to move on to the next grade.


3:30pm                 Pre-Primary Ballet

4:30pm                 Primary Ballet

5:30pm                 Adult Ballet

6:30pm                 Adult Tap


3:30pm                 Hip Hop (group 2)

4:30pm                 Grade 1 Tap

5:30pm                 Grade 2 Ballet


 3:30pm                 Pre-Primary Tap

4:30pm                 Grade 1 Ballet

5:30pm                 Hip Hop (group 3)


3:30pm                 Pre-Syllabus Ballet

4:30pm                 Pre-Primary/Primary Ballet

5:30pm                 Adult Ballet

6:30pm                 Adult Jazz/Hip Hop


3:15pm                 Hip Hop (group 1)

4:15pm                 Grade 1/2 Ballet

5:15pm                  Hip Hop (group 4)

DANCERCISE classes are held on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:30am at the Platinum Gym. Please see our DANCERCISE PAGE for more details.

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